The glory of gardening – hands in the dirt, head in the sun ,heart with nature . To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body , but on the soul

Surrounded with beauty, Mother earth nurtures the Human , the ” we”. Having the deepest connection with nature our creator that makes survival important, a bonding with nature is good for the inner soul and treat for the body .

Modern Western Society works in a schedule systematic way that hardly gives them time to care about the least topic in their life PLANTS and GARDEN . With infrastructure the main motto of any political government the emphasis is laid more on plush polished roads ,metro for better and easy transport , projects being sanctioned for several Houses , apartments to be constructed , not all bother to address the need of a garden in every household and a well managed garden . A play park and a garden are two different things that often get mixed together and then comes out the PLAY PARK GARDEN FOR KIDS . The “intellectual people” with a perfect plan would even go to an extent of sacrificing the garden for a car park space .

Awareness about a healthy ventilated life around you is vital .As a child the first thing we all learn in school is to care for the nature .



Working in the open amongst the nature helps you relax, starting with the basic process of digging , sowing helps you to develop a interconnection , a fellowship to nurture a plant from its conception . Mental and physical activity together have a mark improvement in the mind . A walk in any garden can be Therapeutic, sensory sensation of sight , smell, tittering sounds of the garden family prove to be relaxing , reduce stress.


One mental instability that marks the downfall of several people , 1 in every 4 women and 1 in 10 men suffer from depression . According to Christopher Lowry , PH.D professor at the University of Colorado, Boulder , states that a harmless bacteria Mycobacterium , commonly found in soil , enhances the release and metabolism of Serotonin in parts of the brain that control cognitive abilities ,uplifting the mood thus boosting the behavior, like antidepressants drugs do .


A fun activity of that helps you break the monotony of your daily typical exercises that can be a boon . Basic movements such as digging , planting , sowing , helps you to limber and most likely an activity that you would stick on to for a good time .


A good gardening process doesn’t mean having an acre of land . A small amount of place can be good to start off with house plants, spending a small amount on organic soil and fertilizer can give you a healthy organic produce . Food crops grown in your backyard is the best fresh produce you can have for yourself . A good healthy diet thus begins making you healthy .


A common universal problem that most of us face due to lack of sunshine exposure . A 2014 research survey in the Times of India showed that 69% of people suffer from the deficiency D , blaming the stressful packed life that most people live in . A 10MIN SUN EXPOSURE 3 TO 4 TIMES A WEEK should be sufficient and can ward you off from problems like stroke, cancer , osteoporosis.


The ancient Hindu architectural system , a science believed to bring in positivity , sustain prosperity and happiness if practiced religiously and under the guidance of an expert . A well suited designed garden , following the principles of Vastu will benefit the family members for several years . By maintaining a intrinsic connection with nature , abiding by the vastu rules , one would definitely experience good health , relationships ,financial stability. Vastu is applied using nature, as its considered the deepest bond with a human .

An appeasing garden with vital water bodies, colour , shape, brings in strong positive vibrations to your surroundings .


1) BASIL – fresh leaves used in soups , salad, pasta

2) CORRIANDER – a common herb to complete and Indian dish

3) MINT – used in tea , cold drinks , chutney

4) PARSLEY – used in pasta s , soup , salad

5) CURRY LEAVES – a must have in the Indian kitchen


1)CHAMOMILE – the flower head of this herbs when used can cure skin inflammation , indigestion

2)ECHINACEA- a cold , flu , this herb helps you reduce the symptom

3)FEVERFEW- the leaves and flowers of this herb reduces migraines , skin irritation

4) LAVADER – apart from the fragrance ,it s a good source for bruises and cuts , works best as antiseptic

5) LEMON BALM-   a multitask for curing upset stomach , wounds , insect bites

6) MARIGOLD – relives from ulcers and digestive problem

7) SAGE- meaning to heal , helps to decrease mouth and throat inflammation




Having her roots in gardening ,oprah admired her grandmother , her devotion , passion for being a firm believer of growing her own produce for the family in their small farm in Mississippi. Going to the town and shopping was a big No for her . Minor health remedies were solved at home with few roots and pinecones .

With her buddy , an health expert , bob green , they are on a mission to cultivate as many herbs , vegetables, fruits in her 16 acre land in MAUI and with the help of a natural resource management company called Bio logical capital .


michelle obama

The US first lady was apprehensive on a successful garden process at the White House . More than cultivation , Michelle saw the garden as ray of hope , a starting point of learning to garden and see its beauty with the hard labor one puts in . The tour can be read in detail with the book published called AMERICAN GROWN .


prince charles

I would do it just to spite the Big Food industry, to be certain that my vegetables are of good quality (I hope) and to know which pesticides have been sprayed on them (none) but I don’t mind helping the environment as well.
And I don’t believe a word of it that organic would be less tasty.

Prince Charles says organic allotments can save the environment

A avid cultivator , he a complete pro organic gardener , his High grove garden is a perfect example .

Above all Gardening is time to yourself ,employing your time and energy into good productive produce and touching the roots of your existence- THE NATURE .


When one thinks of Rishikesh  spirituality  ,religious ashrams , River Ganga ,Saints all over is the primary image that dominates most of us . At times its important to look beyond the primary focus and then comes the picture of ATALI .

Atali Ganga is an enchanted place ,a beauty spell that encapsulates you completely with the tranquility of the hills, dense forest  and the holy river Ganga flowing, surrounding you with the utmost breathtaking vision .

Trusting my Husband s instinct for a adventures holiday was a perfect choice as  he completely trusts the AQUA TERRA  group by Vaibhav kala  , who are the pioneers for adventurous  sports for Himalayan travel   and winners of travelers choice 2013 , trip advisor  .  Atali Ganga is the first hill property of AQUA TERRA  that has lots to offer to all age group visiting them .

When I use the word  adventure it doesn’t mean living on the loose ends of terror  and a rugged travelling . Vaibhav kala a travel junkie along with his wife Arpana have carved / sculpted the place suited for family , friends and even a lone traveler. Having 22 cottages addressed with a room number and a name like Karco, Ganga ,Bramhaputra , pindar , each cottage have been placed uphill with a good amount of distance giving you privacy .

The room has a modern touch yet a simplistic look at it , well equipped ,pamphlets guiding you about the property ,in-house provision store   ,the room also has  basic necessities like an umbrella , yoga mats ,  tea maker with sachets and yes the most thoughtful having a small ladder in the rectangular balcony to dry clothes .Posters giving you short crisp lines on water conservation is a new well adopted concept in rooms .   The most appeasing part is the balcony with a small table and two chairs at the entrance  facing the river giving you one of the most serene place to be in . Though there is no room service here , the room is cleaned everyday by the staff and when needed they are there for you .

The property has been designed in a well suited way , optimizing the space in every possible way. It’s a well maintained property in terms of hygiene.   The reception area on one side  has a the “only TV ” also the kids corner , with a cupboard filled with board games . The pool having the view of the hills along with few tables lined up for a  quick high  tea serve and just to unwind and enjoy at the pool side area and also  is the high wall climbing section activity that’s no child play .

The cafeteria with a open veranda offers the best cooked food that is served during breakfast, lunch and dinner that comes along with the package . To name a few mouth melting dishes would be Mutton saag , kadai panner , Singapore noodles , lasagna, confectionaries would include the keer and the brownies .

The most favorite place that would always pull me to in the cafeteria would be the READING SECTION. Situated at the end of the place with two corners having a comfortable sofa facing the view of the river and with a big shelf filled with books of all genres , It’s the most peaceful  time you could get for yourself. The evenings are spent in the open verandah outside the cafeteria ,served with delicious Tandori  snacks, Drinks  and a bonfire to keep you warm in the cold October weather.


The Management here offers fixed activities like , Rafting , hiking , trekking and the most WELCOMING, WARM,CO-OPERATIVE STAFF at atali would guide you for the activities that you would enjoy the most .

Safety , Experienced Guides , Professionalism is the utmost priority of the Aqua terra team and if I ever would want to raft on the Indian river again it would definitely be with the aqua team .Rafting for the first time on the Indian river did give me  Goosebumps ,but with the experienced team I left the  worry to them trustfully . What would be commendable , would be the professionalism in which the activity  is carried on . Our first rafting was of 25km that started from the sliver sand camps by aqua terra again, the safety precautions were well explained by our guide Sanjay and we had or rather were the only rafters to have ” a safety kayaker ahead of us “. The aqua terra rafting guides  are experts and done expeditions  on the most tough Indian Himalayas  rivers ,so rafting on the holy Ganga is just the starter.

The first rafting experience was really good , making us go for the second rafting session the next day , the most tough one called “THE WALL” with massive rapids at your way that can capsize the raft .The WALL RAPID is conducted by very few rafting companies , aqua terra group is one among the handful to raft on this rapid , precautions taken   in case the raft capsized was given. Reaching a few meters before the spot , the scouting Examine was done to understand the technique of which way to raft .Most of us knew that the raft would overturn but the thrill of doing it and jumping in the water was the ultimate . Positions were taken and we had 5 SAFETY KAYAKER around us , we faced the rapid strongly and at one point the raft was about to overturn but we managed not to, listening to our guides instruction . In all it was a good fun time that I would cherish always .

Our last day at Atali was concluded  with a candle light dinner organized by VAIBHAV and his staff. What I would appreciate about VAIBHAV AND APARNA is that they made it a point to interact with each and every guest and even dinning with them , making it one big family .

On a whole I am grateful to the Atali team for giving us a good time , a comfortable stay and most importantly treating us like family .

The beautiful entrance

The beautiful entrance

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